The Devolution of Man

The human race is devolving. We live on a tiny blue planet in space. We have achieved incredible feats of scientific advancement. We can harness the air and sea for power, feed millions of people with artificially created food, and inhabit every corner of our planet. We’ve discovered hundreds of other planets in the nearby galactic region, with no other sign of life. For all we know, Earth might be the only life-bearing place in the entire universe. And we are the highest of all species on the planet – the only one capable of intelligent thought, engineering and conscious self-awareness. So how has it come to this?


Right now, millions of people are mindlessly consuming endless amounts of toxic chemicals and toxic energy. Brainwashed into believing that they have freedom of choice, they get up in their boxes, travel to work in boxes, spend hours in boxes performing jobs that serve no real purpose, travel home to their boxes and watch pictures beamed into a square box on their wall, eating boxed food and sleeping boxed dreams. What sort of life is this?


Convenient? Safe? I’d argue the opposite. We’re intelligent, innately perfect creatures trapped in a world that projects nothing but our faults and shortcomings to us, trying to persuade us that happiness comes from making more money and spending it on escapism such as alcohol, gambling or external beatification. How many of us know how to grow our own food, or produce our own electricity? How many of us could sustain ourselves without supermarkets or satellites?


People have already begun to devolve. Look around at your neighbours, the people you pass on the street. How many of them look “dead” behind the eyes, as if the light of their soul has gone out? How long before that happens to you?


We watch tragedies happening in the world, to others out there, and feel empathetic but powerless. We’ve delegated our power to the “government”, believing that justice will prevail, but knowing deep down that the government is run by other flawed human beings, who would protect and serve themselves and their kin before helping others. But they make all the decisions, and they have the power to govern as they see fit. What else can we do?


We can remember.


Remember the true nature of humans. We are not designed to live in boxes, or to have everything delivered to us in convenient packages.


We are hunter gatherers, designed to craft our own survival and live in true freedom. We are social creatures, with the consciousness of the entire universe within us. We are the consciousness of the universe, and we are the pinnacle of creation.


Our thoughts are energy. Our synapses pulsate with electrical power, and this energy can transform into action which can shape our destiny.


Each and every one of us has the power to change the world, simply by going within and remembering.


It doesn’t have to be a struggle. Simply by taking time every day to pause, breathe and remember your omnipotent nature, you can begin to create a massive change in the world. Share the things your subconscious reveals, in posts like this one.


Listen to others who have already remembered, and learn from them.


Ask yourself who you really are; you already know the answer. You are power, and light. You are the energy of the universe, and you are magnificent.

I don’t have all the answers, but I know the questions that need to be asked. I am an observant listener, and I can hold a space for you to find the answers you hold within.

Contact me to arrange a call, and I’ll help you remember how powerful you really are.