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Time to Relax

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is WAY more than meditation.

It’s the antidote to all the stresses in modern life, the anxiety you feel about the pandemic, about your career, your relationships, your health… or anything else you’re worried about.

It helps reduce your stress levels in a natural, easy to access way. 

Mindfulness recharges your energy, and gives you back your connection to your true self, your values, your potential and your joy.

Join me for a mindfulness session, or take an online course in your own time.

Experience the mindful life for yourself!


I’m Hazel

With a PhD in Physics and over two decades of mindful meditation experience, I’m here to act as your guide and supporter on your own mindfulness journey. From chaos to calm, from turmoil to tranquillity.

It starts right here, right now.

What I Do

Mindfulness Coaching

I can help you reach your goals in life and your career, using a combination of practical and effective mindfulness and coaching techniques. My unique, relaxed coaching style works for professionals who have to perform at the highest level under pressure.

Mindfulness Courses

Learn to meditate in your own time with an online course, or join a live group course and create your own version of a mindful life, and benefit from my Five Stage Mindful Living System (MLS).

Mindfulness for Managers

Ask me about my unique mindfulness training for your employees and senior managers. Increase staff morale and wellbeing, and reduce absence costs with scientifically researched mindfulness exercises. Available in Lancashire or online.


"In a supportive and caring manner, Hazel provided me with a set of practical tools which helped me break down the barriers that were holding me back. In doing so, she has helped me take my business and personal life to the next level. For this I will be forever grateful.”

Joseph, New York

“Amazing!! I highly highly recommend you do this. Hazel is fabulous and helped me to hear a voice that has been there for as long as I remember and it is NOT me and it does not serve me and it undermines my dreams... Thank you Hazel! If you can feel something holding you back I highly recommend booking a call… amazing things are possible!!!”

Maureen, Brazil

“Hazel is an amazing professional, she makes me feel comfortable to tell her about my issues, and she guided me to look inside myself and inside my business, to figure it out things that completely made the difference for me I just wasn’t able to see it before.”

Flavia, Portugal

"I'd recommend you keep an eye out for Hazel Hardie's mindfulness sessions. Obviously most people know I'm not very calm or chilled, I'm high maintenance, but this was really great for giving my brain a little switch off for a few minutes. Looking forward to the next one!"

Dan Knowles, Lancaster


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