It’s New Year’s Eve Eve 2015, and I’m ready to start my Million Word Challenge (as I’ve so imaginatively decided to call it). A million words in 2016, written by pen, keyboard, phone or tablet. Or in blood, quite possibly.

The word count spreadsheet is ready. I’ve (loosely) planned out a theme for each month – look out for Poetry August – that’s going to be epic! Now I want to start writing.

With one day to go, I almost resent having to use words today, when I could be saving them until January.

Is it even possible to write 3000 words a day, every day? I guess anything’s possible, with the right attitude. And there’s no shortage of attitude-enhancing memes around on Facebook and Twitter at the moment. It must be #newyearsresolutions time again.

So I’m ready to make 2016 the best year ever, writing-wise anyway. Who can say what will happen in my social and work life this year!

What’s your challenge for this coming year?

Let’s get started together!