I love helping people quit their jobs and change their lives, I really do.


But there are so many people out there in need of transformation in terms of their self belief, self confidence and self awareness, who might not want to quit their job. So they might think I’m not the right coach for them. But what if I am?


I’m here to help you step into your power and take control of your destiny, no matter what your career choice.


If you’re not being your true self, or not doing exactly what you want to do on a daily basis – and exactly why wouldn’t you? – then I can help you. I have to help you, because you’re me. I’ve been there for far too long, and now I’m not, it’s like the blinkers have come off and I’m seeing all these incredible opportunities and joy for the first time! I really want you to see them too!


I’m expanding my 56 Days course offering. Yes, I’m still helping people Escape, but a big part of that is Escaping from your old story, not just a job.


Escape your limitations, your sadness, your bad habits and everything else that’s weighing you down.


Join me for 8 weeks and Escape everything that’s stopping you living a fulfilling, abundant life.


Some of the modules I’m planning are:


  • Get What You Really Want In Life
  • Finally Learn How To Focus And Stop Getting Distracted By Shiny Objects
  • Make Tons Of Money Doing Super Fun Stuff
  • Attract Amazing People Who Will Love Everything You Do


So maybe I should call it 56 Days to Abundance? Or 56 Days to Success?


Whatever it’ll eventually be called, it’s brand new and starting soon. If you’d like to be one of the beta participants for this amazing life transforming course, let me know right now!


I’m excited to get started, and I know you’re going to be excited by the results!