56 Days to ESCAPE

From Trapped to Paradise Life in 56 Days

Do you ever wonder if there’s more to life?

The plan was to have a life filled with adventure, creativity and joy. To make your mark on the world, become a millionaire by the age of thirty and live a rock-star lifestyle. (Or whatever notion of greatness the childhood version of you had in your mind.)

But somehow, along the way, you graduated from college, ended up in a job you don’t enjoy, with no clear plan for your future.

The chains of mortgages, promotions and pensions are getting ever heavier, and your monthly income just about covers the holidays and material stuff that is supposed to help you feel good, but somehow doesn’t.

Even knowing that your friends are in a similar position doesn’t help you feel any better.

You know what you want to do.

What your soul yearns to do.

Deep down – maybe deep deep down – you know the answer.

All it takes is knowing the right questions, being given the support you need to access those answers, and having the courage to change your life.

I want you to know it’s not too late.

I’ve spent over ten years in your position, wishing I could be elsewhere, knowing I had more to give. And now, as a Productivity and Lifestyle Coach, I get to help people bring meaning to their life, and I’d love to help you too.

I love what I do now!

What if you could find an ESCAPE plan? What if you could create a life where you actually look forward to waking up in the morning, excited about the day ahead? What would you do to make that happen?

Imagine the difference it would make if you were happier, more energetic and more cash rich than you are now?

What would your friends and family say when you tell them how much you’re enjoying life, and the fact that you can go on holiday whenever you choose, for as long as you choose?

How happy will you feel, knowing you’re creating the perfect legacy, and changing the world in the way that only you can?


How would you spend your time, if you were your own boss? What if you could be in complete control of your life just a couple of months from now? Wherever your dream or passion lies, the answer to your problem can be found. You just have to know how to find it, and it can be easier and quicker than you might think, when you’ve mastered some of the following skills:

  • Mindset and limiting beliefs
  • Goal setting
  • Confidence building
  • Copywriting
  • Attraction marketing
  • Selling
  • Business planning


My flagship course, 56 Days to ESCAPE contains all the stuff you need to know about each of those areas, and more.

It’s designed to help people just like you create a plan to escape your job and create an exciting new business or career based around your own passions.


Every two months, I coach and support groups of around 6-8 people to create their own individual…









This is a unique and exciting combination of group and one-to-one coaching, where you’ll be given all the mindset work and strategy you need, and you’ll also have the support and motivation of the rest of your group, who are also on their personal ESCAPE journeys from their own jobs.

You can learn from them and inspire each other as you plan your dream businesses and start taking the first precious steps toward freedom.

The next ESCAPE cohort starts on March 1st, for ambitious freedom seekers like you who are prepared to put in the work needed to shed their excuses and create their dream life.

In addition to the modules described above, you’ll also get:

  • Membership of a secret Facebook Group, where you can share your experiences and successes with your new friends
  • Regular one-to-one coaching sessions with me
  • Contact with me via FB messenger any time during the 56 Days
  • Special BONUS sessions with special guest coaches.
  • Access to my 5 Day E-Course: Ideas to Sales in 5 Days
  • £50 Amazon Voucher
  • Half price ticket to an Upcoming Luxury Retreat


Three times a week – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday – you’ll get a written or video lesson via Facebook and email, with an exercise to complete. These might take you anywhere from five minutes to thirty minutes, depending where you are on your ESCAPE journey. Then you’ll be able to share your answers and get feedback from me and the rest of your group.


You’ll be amazed by how much progress you’ll make in just 56 Days!


Here’s what some previous ESCAPE Programme participants have said about the course:


What I found was that the daily tools set before me made me realize that this programme has helped with every business situation we have set up and any new businesses that may come down the road. Not only that, but everyone really did cheer each other on! But, we all come from different backgrounds, with different skill sets, and with different experience levels which makes it even better. I felt truly apart of a really cool group while still maintaining a feel of a one on one session.”



“The impact this Programme has had on me is tremendous. I have gone from overwhelmed with the pressure of wanting to get things right on the first try, to someone who can begin to break things down into sections, then steps to more easily tackle each task at hand. Also, it has redirected my thinking, my strategy, and has helped me overcome my Shiny Object Syndrome. I’m learning that no dream is too big. Also, through chasing our dreams together, my relationship with my boyfriend has grown as well as we figure out all the pieces as a team.

I would highly recommend this Programme to anyone who could use an ESCAPE plan.”


By the end of the 8 week programme, you’ll have a clear plan of exactly how to ESCAPE your current job. 

You’ll have the necessary skills, positive mindset, confidence, market research, business plan and support.

You’ll be able to create your own dream business, or new career, with the freedom to do what you want. No more feeling lost and depressed, or stressing about debts.

This is your chance to turn it all around and make everyone proud of you.

Best of all, you’ll make yourself proud.

This isn’t one of those courses where you’re given the lesson content and left to your own devices to get on with it.

I’ll be right there with you and your fellow ESCAPEES, to answer any questions you may have, and provide specific examples of how to complete the exercises. If you get stuck at any point, let me know and you won’t get left behind, and that’s guaranteed!


And you don’t have to wait until the end of the 56 Days to get results.

As soon as you register, you’ll instantly get a copy of my pdf guide “100 Ways You Can Make Money Starting Today”.

This will give you plenty of ideas to mull over as you go through the course and start to develop your own freedom business. Plus, you’ll have immediate access to the 56 Days to ESCAPE March Facebook group, so you can start getting to know your fellow participants straight away.

If you complete all the exercises and put in the work, the training given in this course could be worth tens or even hundreds of thousands to you in future business income.

I’ve studied under the Masters of Copywriting, including Dan Kennedy and Mark Ford. You’ll be given all the best techniques I’ve learned in copywriting, email marketing and attraction marketing on this course.

Plus, I’m a certified Business Startup Specialist, so I will be able to help you with all the technical questions you have about setting up your business and getting your first few paying clients.

I’m also training as an NLP Master Practitioner, so I’ll be able to work with you to shift your limiting beliefs and create the inner mindset you need for success.

You can change such a lot in 56 Days – your friends and family will be amazed by your new confidence and self-belief!


Let’s recap the value of the contents you’ll receive:

Mindset coaching and confidence building (VALUE £2,000+)

Copywriting and marketing training (VALUE £5,000+)

3 hours personal 1-1 coaching sessions (VALUE £500)

Content marketing training (VALUE £1,000)

Facebook Ads training (VALUE £500)

Facebook Ads voucher (VALUE £50)

Half-price Retreat Ticket (VALUE £400)

5 Day E-Course (VALUE £500)

Extra secret bonuses (VALUE ?)

TOTAL VALUE £10,000+ 


I want to keep this course affordable for people with other financial and time commitments, so I’m not charging £10,000 for it, or even half of that.

The current price for the full 56 Day package, including private 1-1 coaching and all 24 modules, is only £997.

As soon as you get your freedom business up and running, you’ll be able to make your investment back within a couple of months.


This price will increase for future groups.

Sign me up now

As a further bonus, everyone who pays in full up front will be given an extra 60 minute coaching session to give you a quick start boost on the course and start getting results even faster.

For those who prefer to spread the cost, a payment plan is available, at £547 per month for 2 months or £347 per month for 3 months. And you’ll still get all the amazing content listed above.

Since I spend so much time and energy working with each person in the programme, I will only accept up to eight participants on each cohort. If you’d like to book your space in the group starting on March 1st, or register your interest for a future group, contact me as soon as possible. These spaces will be advertised to thousands of other potential ESCAPEES over the next couple of weeks, so act quickly if you don’t want to miss out.

I’m incredibly excited about getting started on March 1st. The last few groups have been amazing, and this time the programme is even more fantastic, as I tweak it every time with the feedback I’m given. I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you finally get unstuck and say goodbye to being Just Over Broke once and for all!

Money Back Guarantee!

If you complete the exercises for all 24 modules in this programme, and can show that you have tried your best but it hasn’t worked for you, I will refund your entire investment.

So you can take this course completely risk free!

Your success in this course, as with many other programmes, depends on the amount of effort and commitment you put into it.

You deserve to invest in yourself, and trust yourself.

Show the world what you’re capable of.

Remember, you’ll save £100 and receive a bonus coaching call if you pay in full upfront.


What will your ESCAPE Plan look like?


Let’s find out!


I’m ready to start!


Contact me at Hazel@HazelHardie.com or message me on Facebook with any questions or to arrange your payment plan.

To your freedom and success,



P.S. To use your Facebook discount code, contact me by email and quote ESCAPE20.

P.P.S If you’ve read this far, you’re definitely meant to do this course! Register now while there are spaces available.