Have you ever found yourself overcomplicating things that should be simple?

Recently, on a walk through some woods with my two boys, I found myself thinking about taking an interesting looking path leading off to the side. But that path was strewn with roots, and debris from the trees around. It would have been more fun going that way, possibly, but I might have tripped myself up or lost my way. It might have led to a secret garden, or a squelchy bog. Yuck! 

In the end I decided to stick to the path I was already on: my smooth, safe yet uninteresting path.

The story of my life! 

But what if taking the interesting path isn’t more difficult after all? What if it just looks harder from the outside, but actually gets smoother and straighter as you travel on it? What if all the obstacles are actually opportunities to play games, practice jumping or to learn new tricks? What if there isn’t one right path, but an interlocking network of paths waiting to be explored? Am I overplaying the path analogy? Probably.

What I’m trying to say is, I’ve had a rethink. I know how nice and safe my current path is, but I’m bored of playing safe. I want more adventure, excitement and meaning in my life, which is why I’m listening to my instincts and making some changes. I can’t reveal too much about it just yet, but I’m taking a course and learning new skills that will help me and others to make big, positive changes in our lives.

I love the other people on this path, and I hope to persuade some of them to join me on my new and exciting path.

Maybe changing paths doesn’t have to be complicated or scary. Maybe it can be as easy as saying yes to something new.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? I’d love to read your comments below.