About Hazel

What do you dream of becoming in your lifetime?

I used to dream of becoming an astronaut when I grew up.

Then I decided to become a teacher.

Then a best-selling novelist.

Then a patent attorney.

But I kept looking for my true purpose.

And I found it – Being ME.

Along the way, I’ve gathered a PhD in Ultra-low Temperature Physics, two (occasionally) adorable sons and an abundance of life experience.

The one common thread throughout my whole life so far has been my desire to help others through coaching and writing.

I write words that make money, and change lives with my coaching.

I help companies and individuals reach their full potential, and increase their profitability and purpose through positive change.


My executive clients love the guided meditations, the limiting belief breakthroughs and up-leveling they get from my coaching, and the revenue my sales copy generates.

I enjoy the freedom to do what I love, and I get to work with people who really inspire me.

My job title evolves daily, from copywriter, marketing strategist and well-being consultant to A list hypnotherapist, transformational coach and the best investment you’ll ever make.

The most important thing you need to know is: I’m here to help you make money and create the life you desire.


Some of the many trainings and qualifications I’ve obtained:

  • Direct response Copywriting  – AWAI
  • Masters for Six figure Copywriting – AWAI
  • Web Copywriting 2.0 – AWAI
  • B2B High Performance Copywriting Training
  • Copywriting for Non-profits
  • Member of Professional Writers’ Alliance
  • Life Coaching Diploma – Centre of Excellence
  • NLP Practitioner – Scottish Centre of NLP
  • NLP Master Practitioner – Scottish Centre of NLP
  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner – Scottish Centre of NLP
  • Business Start-up Specialist – Elite Marketing Pro 
  • MPhys and PhD in Physics – Lancaster University

I’ve spent a lot of time learning, and will always continue to learn. But now I’m focused on putting my knowledge and expertise into action to get results – and helping you do the same!


What should you do first?

Contact me at hazel@hazelhardie.com. Let me know your desired outcomes, and when you’re available for an initial conversation.

Or check out some of my online courses, and get ready to change your world in a positive way, one step at a time.