Being YOU

A Transformational Course on Discovering and Becoming YOU

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Who are you?

How well do you know the person you see in the mirror?

Do you act differently around different people?

Do you find it hard to identify exactly what you want out of life?

Does your self identity come more from what others say about you, than who you really are at your core?

Do you wish you felt happier, and more comfortable in your own skin, the way other people seem to?

If you feel like you barely know yourself sometimes, you’re not alone.

More than nine out of ten people find it hard to set clear goals for themselves, or say they struggle with negative self talk.

Most of us would rather escape into the distractions of TV, Netflix, games or other addictions than examine our own self image and take responsibility for how our lives are going.

This has to stop!

This is NOT what creates the fulfilling, contented and rich life you want.


Thankfully, there is a solution available.

Self awareness and self knowledge can literally change your life.

That’s why we’re here.

It doesn’t have to be complicated… I’ll show you the details in a moment, but first I want to let you know why I know I can help you with this, and what makes this the perfect choice for you.

My Personal Experience

I spent many years working in a job where I felt totally overwhelmed, stressed and trying to pursue everyone else’s idea of success, without really understanding what success meant to me.

I’ve taken many courses, and paid all the coaches to help me follow in their footsteps even though I was never meant to go on the same journey as them.

I got so caught up in learning and consumed so much content that when it came to actually implementing what I had learnt…

I was left feeling confused, even more overwhelmed and no clue what my next step should be.

There was no action, no productivity. And we all know that to reach great levels of success, you HAVE to be productive.

Trying to set myself goals and get productive was just impossible… I knew I needed a plan of action, a step by step guide to get me to where I wanted to be… I NEEDED to set goals and take action… but these HAD to be MY goals taking me to MY success.

And it’s the same for YOU! 


I realised that EVERYONE is unique, including me. And when I realised I had to figure out my unique set of values and vision for my ideal future, I started to create my own self investigation process, and it was a life changer!

Over time, I’ve developed a process which has allowed me to create my own ideal life, with the self awareness and the abilty to take positive and effective action.

This process literally revolutionised my life and business and when I first shared it with coaching clients, it had similarly positive results for them.

So I want to share it with you here, as I know this will be a HUGE life changer for you too.

How Does Your Life Feel Right Now?

How good does your current life feel? I’m going to guess that there’s something missing… or you wouldn’t be here reading this.


Spending all your time struggling, overwhelmed, confused and in avoidance is NOT how you create your own version of success. It’s not how you reach financial freedom, or happiness, or any of the things that you want.

Just imagine for a moment what your life would look and feel like if …

… you had total clarity around what really matters most to you, and you could articulate that to other people in your life.


… you knew exactly which actions to take every day to make yourself feel better, and to make more money in your career or business.


… you had a clear direction and a step by step plan of action to get you to YOUR success – giving you the clarity, focus and the confidence to look in the mirror and feel proud of who you are.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

This ^^ is exactly what my coaching process gave me, and it will give you exactly what you need too.


So here’s what you will discover in this wonderful six week course, called…

Being YOU!

Being YOU is a unique coaching programme that helps you get clarity on your values, beliefs and goals. Rediscover what makes you unique, and remember who you were born to become.


This course will enable you to align your goals and actions to create a more fulfilling and peaceful life.

Course outline:

Week 1 - Who are you?

Week 2 - Your Values

Week 3 - Your Vision

Week 4 - Your Beliefs

Week 5 - Your Team

Week 6 - Next Level YOU

Don’t be Another Statistic

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 people reach the end of their lives without ever really finding out their own potential, or being truly happy.


You don’t want to look back on your life in a few years and realise you wasted so much time on what other people told you was important, instead of focusing on what really matters to you and creating a true freedom and purpose based life.


You will regret not setting clear goals, and you won’t be able to turn back the clock.


It’s time to take action NOW and make sure everything you do in the future aligns with who you are and what matters to you.


It’s time to claim back your freedom, make more money and start living the life you choose.

The Nuts and Bolts

Being YOU will be delivered as a group coaching programme, with limited numbers of VIP spaces for 1:1 coaching.

The coaching sessions will be live videos in the group, and there will also be an opportunity to ask questions anytime – this will help you get super clear on the content and also help you to progress without feeling stuck.

You’ll get a fabulous workbook for the course to help you to implement everything with ease, and a wonderful Knowing Yourself meditation to listen to at least twice per week, which will deepen your results and make them last.

There is also a VIP option for those who prefer 1:1 coaching, and want private access to me as their coach. VIP members will get six private sessions, providing you with full support and personal accountability.

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