Confident YOU!


September! Back to school time! The perfect time to up level your life, with WAY more confidence and feel tons BETTER about yourself.

What a great time to launch the 30 Day Confident YOU programme!

This will be a LIFE-CHANGING programme for everyone involved!

Spend 30 days with me, mastering and growing your CONFIDENCE. When you implement the tools and exercises in this programme, you’ll never have to struggle with low self-esteem again.

People will be amazed by the new, more confident YOU!

Here’s what you get:

30 days of coaching, support and fun activities that will get you thinking differently about yourself, changing your beliefs and your actions, so your confidence will quickly rise.

This is essentially a programme for getting rid of any negativity in your head and replacing it with helpful, valuable stuff that will help you create the life you want… In a really simple way that WORKS!

This is one of the most powerful aspects of the work I do with my coaching clients, and it can help you feel confident to go out and get the things you really want in life: the money, the lifestyle, the career, the partner, the house…

I’ve struggled for years with my confidence. As a “shy” child and adult, I know what it’s like to feel like hiding from the world, not showing my talents or asking for the things I wanted. I was often last to speak up when something wasn’t right, and I’d put up with things even though I knew I wanted more.

I totally lost confidence in myself as a person, and felt like just a mother, a wife, an employee.

But last year I worked with an incredible coach who showed me some of the techniques I’m going to share with you next month. Suddenly, I was able to speak my mind. I felt confident in myself again, and I became excited by the results. I started speaking out, showing up when previously I would have shied away.

Now, I can do Live videos on Facebook and give talks in public without any fear. I know what I am good at, and I have total belief in myself to deliver what I set out to achieve.

In the last 12 months, I have massively grown in confidence, and now I help others to grow their confidence, with ease.

Some of the results my clients and I have received, with our increased confidence:

  • Better communication with others
  • Better relationships
  • New and closer friendships
  • Higher self esteem
  • Exciting new opportunities and experiences
  • More relaxed and stress-free

Plus, I’ve even gained the confidence to quit my day job, after more than 10 years of trying!

“In an supportive and caring manner, Hazel provided me with a set of practical tools which helped me break down the barriers that were holding me back. In doing so, she has helped me take my business and personal life to the next level. For this I will be forever grateful.”

~ Dr Joseph P. , New York ~

All because of these techniques. Proven and tested techniques that WORK!

And now you’ll get to experience and implement these techniques for yourself. And I am so excited to share them with you! I know this is going to absolutely change your life for the better!

Whether you want to be more confident and relaxed around the opposite sex, or you want to have more confidence in making sales call and reaching out to prospects, Confident YOU will do it all!

30 Days of Confident YOU!

30 days of fun, rewarding, actionable exercises and challenges designed just for you!

I honestly wish I’d done this sooner, but this feels like the perfect time to launch this programme, and you are the perfect person to join it!

You get:

>> Weekly challenges around confidence and self-belief. These are the “meat” of the programme, and you’ll be putting the techniques into practice for a week and sharing your amazing results.

>> Private Facebook group for support and accountability with other amazing people like you. You’ll get to hang out and network with incredible and increasingly confident people, sharing your experiences and growing together.

>> Personal support and videos from me. You can contact me any time during the 30 days to ask questions, get feedback or just for support. I’m here to make growing your confidence as easy and fun as possible!

>> Group Zoom calls to answer questions and work through any particular confidence issues that come up for you during the 30 days.

“I feel I’ve made a lot of progress… Thank you, Hazel, for offering me and the others practical, well-balanced guidance in an engaging environment. You’ve helped me tremendously, right when I needed you the most!”

~ Stephanie H. ,  San Diego ~

We start promptly on 1st September – and you DO NOT want to miss this!

In 30 Days you’ll become:

Confident YOU – no longer hiding your talents and skills from the world

Confident YOU – able to speak your mind and have your opinions heard

Confident YOU – showing up on videos or giving talks effortlessly and confidently, knowing that your message needs to be heard

Confident YOU – asking for (and receiving) the income levels in your life and business that you deserve

Confident YOU – not taking any hassle and not putting up with situations that don’t serve you

Confident YOU – self assured, comfortable in your own skin and able to inspire others with your leadership and confidence

Confident YOU – taking the actions YOU want to take and getting the results YOU desire!

PLUS I’ll be helping you tackle any obstacles or underlying beliefs around worthiness and confidence that come up during the 30 Days.

  • No more worrying about whether you’re good enough
  • No more worrying about whether you will make money or build a team
  • No more worrying about what other people think about you
  • No more worrying about making the right decisions
  • No more worrying about whether you’re worthy of anything you desire

We’re going to take all that worrying and turn it into positive, confident energy!

It’s time to start making the decisions that the Confident YOU would make. And that starts by saying YES to learning and implementing these techniques that will change your life for the better!

I’m so excited to share this with you, because I know how powerful this programme will be, and I know how much your new confidence will enhance every area of your life.

You can access this programme today for only £495. And when you think about how much more money and happiness you’ll be able to make as Confident YOU, this is clearly a no brainer! Life gives you these opportunities at exactly the right time, and I know you’re ready to unlock the confidence inside you right now. That’s why you’re reading this now.

But wait!

There’s a way you can get into the programme without paying a penny! If you know at least two other people who would benefit from increased confidence, and they join the course, then you’ll get your spot absolutely FREE! This is my way of thanking you for spreading the word and referring new people who might not have otherwise heard about this course.

I’ll be keeping track of all referrals, and if you make more than 5 successful referrals, then you’ll also get a special VIP GOLD Package, reserved for just a few people. This will include additional 1:1 coaching to really hone in on your specific issues, and ongoing support for another TWO MONTHS after the end of the course.

This is perfect for you if you want my help to embed the Confident YOU into your deeper psyche, through the creation of confident habits and high level confidence techniques.

When you feel worthy from such a deep level, you’ll find the money and material objects you desire will flow to you in a much easier way, and you’ll experience much less stress and fewer obstacles in your life.

If you want access to the VIP GOLD Package without making five referrals, private message me before August 30th and we’ll discuss the details.

Ready to jump in? Click the Buy Now button below to pay and get immediate access to the private FB group.

When you sign up, you’ll also receive the following BONUSES:

  • 30 of my favourite confidence boosting journaling prompts, to get you in the habit of thinking and writing in a confident way about your life;
  • 100 Ways to Make Money Today- my guide to accessing instant cash no matter what your starting point;
  • Two Happiness Hacks eBooks – lighthearted yet practical guides to bringing more happiness into your life;

Plus the course will include recommended reading and guided meditations to enhance your confidence even further!

AND if you’re not completely ready to dive in yet and join the group of amazing people ready to rock the world and become Confident THEM, how about a 100% Money Back Guarantee? If you complete the entire 30 day course, and you’re not feeling noticeably more confident at the end of September, I’ll refund your complete investment, no questions asked! (I’ve never had to give out a refund to date, but I want you to be completely reassured and confident you’re making the right decision!)

No more delays! It’s time to take action. What will you do when you’re Confident YOU? Hit the Buy Now button to find out!

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P.S. Make sure you tell your folks to use your name when signing up, so you get your free access when your two referrals have joined!

P.P.S. Any questions? Want to set up a payment plan? Email me at or message me on Facebook and I’ll get right back to you.