Empowered, Happy and Rich VIP Mastermind

Starting on September 1st 2017, you, me and eight other amazing individuals are going on a six-month journey to create the lives we’ve always dreamed about.


If you’re a business owner who’s had success in your business, selling your services or products, but not quite reaching that level of success and satisfaction you expected, this is for you.


If you love the idea of connecting in a tightly-knit group of entrepreneurs, sharing your journey from unfulfilled entrepreneur to super-confident and focused leader, this is for you.


If you can’t quite pinpoint what’s missing in your business, but you know that you’re not quite aligned with your true self, and you’re not making the impact you know you could be making, this is for you.




The idea behind this Mastermind came from my own feeling of being disempowered, being trapped in my 9-5 job, knowing there was a more meaningful way of serving people and finding my place in the world, but not being able to find it alone.


Then I met a mind-set coach and mentor who showed me how to connect with my true values and beliefs, and how powerful I could be. All I had to do was change my inner story, transform the thought patterns and beliefs that lay deep down. This is an incredible journey I’m still traveling, and every step I take helps me feel more empowered and ready to reach behind me to help others. I want this to be a small, exclusive group of people who can most benefit from this work, and who I can really take the time to get to know and help in a bespoke way.


If you want to feel totally empowered, like you could take on the world and emerge victorious, this Mastermind is perfect for you.




Some say happiness is a myth, some say it’s a journey not a destination, and others say it’s the meaning of life. Whatever your own beliefs about happiness, I can guarantee you’d love to feel more of it. More joy, more contentment, more peace. Happiness doesn’t have to be hard to find. A major aspect of this Mastermind is the creation and discovery of more sources of happiness in your own day to day life. At the end of the six months, I want you to be smiling so much your cheeks ache. People will look at you and wonder what your secret sauce is, and you can tell them. Happiness is within you.




Who doesn’t want to be richer? Maybe Bill Gates? I’m sure there are many things you could do with more cash in your life. Money mindset is a topic that a lot of people talk about, but few people take the time to resolve their own issues with money, In this Mastermind, we’ll get to the root of your relationship with money, and transform your bank balance as well as your mindset. How great would it be to have the financial freedom not to have to go to work if you chose not to? Being rich doesn’t have to be about fancy cars and mansions (although it can if that’s what you desire), it can simply mean having enough cash in the bank to not have to worry about unexpected bills.


If you want to develop a healthier attitude to money that attracts full-paying, high performing clients in abundance and repels debt, you need to join this Mastermind.


What do you get as part of the Mastermind?


  • A VIP ticket to the Luxury Mastermind retreat in the Lake District on 27-30 October 2017
  • 12 group coaching calls
  • 12 individual 1:1 coaching calls
  • Access to a secret Facebook group for Mastermind participants
  • Facebook Ads masterclass
  • Visibility and confidence training
  • Lifetime access to all the other products I’ll launch this year
  • … and much more!


If you feel like you’ve been holding back in life, hiding your true power for fear of failure or upsetting other people, this Mastermind is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. By developing unshakeable confidence in your own strength, you can support and lead others to do the same, and help them to get past their own fears.


Life’s too short to spend it wondering…


“What if I’d taken that opportunity?”


“What if I’d stepped up and listened to my heart?”


“How amazing would my life be now?”


Where will you be in February 2018?


These are some of the typical results you can expect from the Mastermind:


  • The courage to make those big decisions you’ve been putting off because of fear
  • The focus and clarity you need to create a fulfilling 6- 7- or even 8- figure business, on your terms
  • A clear marketing strategy to attract high paying repeat clients
  • Greater confidence in your own unique abilities, meaning you can finally charge what you’re worth, and get rid of the imposter syndrome once and for all


Plus, as part of the Mastermind package, we’ll be joined by special Guest Coaches – big names in the industry who will inspire, motivate and mentor you to take quantum leaps in your development as a leader and as a person. More details on these coaches will be revealed when you apply.


What’s the investment for this incredible package?


Well, tickets for the VIP Luxury retreat are on sale for £5,000 each. I currently charge up to £500 per session for 1:1 coaching, and group coaching would be around £100 per session. Plus you’ll get private access to me via the FB group, where you’ll also be able to network in complete confidence and privacy with your fellow Masterminders. Add to that the guest coaching, additional training and products – and you can see that the value of the package is well in excess of £15,000.


Until August 1st, the total cost for the whole package is just £4,997. That’s an incredible price, and after that it’ll rise to £5997. Still a complete no-brainer, considering the amount of value and personal coaching you’ll get!


That might sound like a big investment, but it’s nothing compared with the amount of value you’ll get from the experience. And investing in yourself can be the most powerful forms of motivation and self-care you can find. By telling yourself you’re worth this, and more, and you’re capable of showing up for this level of commitment, you’ll automatically increase your confidence and sense of self-worth. And all the other participants will be sharing this journey and this new exciting standard of showing up, so you won’t be alone!


I don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to coaching. I know that everyone’s an individual and needs different levels of support in different areas. Hence the 12 1:1 coaching sessions in addition to the 12 group coaching sessions. I offer a bespoke combination of gentle but powerful NLP and mind-set coaching, together with marketing, copywriting and social media training.


Whether you’ve got an MBA or a PhD in Physics like me and like to consider your options logically and make decisions based on logic and reason, or whether you’re a high quick-starter and make decisions based on your gut, I’m sure you’ll come to the same conclusion.


Joining the Empowered Happy and Rich VIP Mastermind is the best decision you’ll make all year.


You can secure your spot now with a £900 deposit, using the link below:




There are only 9 spots available in total, and I want to make sure we have the perfect mix of people, so once you’ve made your deposit, we’ll have a chat to make sure this is the right programme for you. If we agree it’s not, I’ll refund your deposit straight away.


Once you’re in, you can then pay the rest in 1, 3 or 6 installments, whatever’s easiest for you. As soon as you’re on board, we’ll get started with the 1:1 coaching sessions, and you’ll have access to all the other bonuses in the package.


The group coaching calls will be arranged to suit as many people’s diaries as possible.


This is the year you’ll reach your full potential. I’m super excited to help you get there!

Reminder: the Luxury Mastermind Retreat will take place in the Lake District on October 27 to 30. If you can’t make these dates, but still want to join the Mastermind, let me know and I’ll arrange for you to receive tickets to another event of the same value.


Ready to get started?



Have any questions?

You can contact me any time via email at hazel@hazelhardie.com and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Let me know in the email if you’d prefer to chat in person and I’ll set up a call.