Do you find yourself getting easily distracted by shiny objects?

Do you set goals and create plans, only to forget about them quickly and move onto the next exciting new idea, and the next, and the next…?

Have you got hundreds of ideas you’d love to follow up on, but not enough time to commit fully to any of them?


Welcome to the Club!

When you’ve got a creative mind, and multiple passions, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of ideas, and lose your own identity and purpose.

You can end up feeling demotivated, confused and stuck.

The good news is, you can figure out your purpose again and get back on track any time you want, with these 3 simple steps:

Step One – Switch Off. Disconnect from all external distractions, including social media, forums and networking groups.

Take a weekend or more to go within and ask yourself what would really make you feel fulfilled and happy.

Make a list of all of your ideas, and think about the legacy you want to create.

Look at the bigger picture, and really be honest with yourself.

Choose one or two ideas that you feel would fulfil all of your desires and would suit you the most.

They don’t have to be goals that other people would expect you to follow – as long as you’re Being YOU, that’s all that matters.

Visualise achieving your goals, and choose targets that you will be really motivated to work towards.

Map out your aligned goals, without any distractions or input from other people.

Step Two – Speak to someone who’s been where you want to get to, or who is on a similar journey to you, but a few steps ahead.

Find out as much as you can about the pitfalls and rewards of achieving your goals.

What might you have to sacrifice to get to where you want?

What advice or support can they offer you?

What steps would they recommend you to take?

What other support might you need to reach your targets?

Step Three – Start taking positive and consistent action.

Break down your big goals into actionable steps, and choose one you can take right NOW!

Work towards your goal for at least 10 minutes per day, every single day without exception.

Make action taking become a habit, not a chore.

Reward yourself for taking action. Create a habit tracker or a reward chart (they work for kids, why not use them in business too!)

Go public with your Big Goal – tell people about your target and ask them to cheer you on, and keep you on track if they start seeing you getting distracted.

Look back at your progress regularly, and adjust your course if you need to.

Keep taking one step at a time.


Above all, be compassionate with yourself, and don’t beat yourself up if you realise you’ve gone off course. Simply remind yourself of the importance of being consistent, and get back on the wagon!

Every step is one more step towards your ideal future.

If you want any accountability, support or coaching to help you reach your big goals quicker and with less stress, email me at and we’ll talk.

Let me know in the comments what your Big Goal is for this year.

And as always, be YOU.

You are amazing!