Something’s been bugging me.

For years.

So many times, I felt like I couldn’t share what I was thinking or feeling.

I was holding myself back.

Keeping small.

Feeling like I needed to stay safe.

Like I wasn’t good enough to ask for what I wanted.

Like if I shared what was inside, people would laugh or ridicule me.

Or worse, they’d hate me and push me away,

I didn’t want to be alone.

So I hid.

I stayed in a job.

I stayed quiet.


Something changed.

A tiny thought popped into my head.

“What if?”

What if this is all a game?

What if none of this is real?

What if I’m making it all up, or if I’m just dreaming?

What if I’ve forgotten that I’m playing a game?

What if I’m here on a mission, and by staying small, I’m failing that mission?

What if the thoughts that pop into my head are supposed to be shared?

What if I can help others by sharing my message, even if it scares me?

What if I can survive outside of my job?

What if I can build a really successful business using my unique skills?

What if there are people out there who will get me, and love me, for being the real me?

What if…?


You get the idea.

By allowing those two words into my thoughts, by allowing my imagination to run with them, I was freeing myself from decades of negative programming and subconscious blocks.

What if…

What if you’re here for a reason?

What if every dream you’ve ever had is yours alone, and what if you’re the person who’s meant to make all your dreams come true?

What if everything you’ve ever wanted is waiting just out of reach, waiting for you to see it and take hold of it?

What if all you have to do is drop the victim story and start seeing yourself as a hero?

What if everything your parents, teachers and peers told you about yourself was about THEM, not about you?

What if…

One tiny change.

One powerful shift.

Try it, and let me know how you get on.

You are amazing.