I wrote these tips for a new friend this morning, and I thought I’d share them here too incase they’re useful for you.

When you’re starting out in a new business, everything is exciting and new, and you can see the grand vision of how you’re going to make your fortune and make a huge impact in your industry.

But often as the weeks turn into months, you find yourself overwhelmed by all the jobs you have to do to keep the business going, all the endless phone calls, emails, bank statements, technical things that take up all your time and leave you feeling exhausted….

Running a business is meant to give you freedom, right?

I think it can, but you have to be careful not to get burned out. And you have to be disciplined.

Here are a few helpful tips to get you started. This list isn’t exhaustive at all, but hopefully you will find it helpful.

1. Get REALLY clear on who you work with and what you offer. Keep it simple at first until you build up your client base and your confidence.

2. Treat your business like a job (a fun one!) Not a hobby. Set clear working hours and schedule time for yourself and your hobbies. Too many people go all in and get burned out really quickly because they lose the balance and everything becomes about work.

3. Get clients fast! By this I mean don’t spend any time on your logo, website or any of that until you have money coming in. The easiest way to build your business is through word of mouth, so get as many testimonials as quickly as possible.

4. Tell people about your new business. Facebook and Instagram etc. are great, but the best way to spend your time at this early stage is talking to people about how excited you are and what you will be offering. You probably already know your first 5 to 10 clients, in your network. Focus on your warm market first before trying to expand outwards into colder markets.

5. Get your finances clear. Do you have an accountant or will you be doing your own books? This is where I failed to do the work and I ended up having to get a part time job to pay off bills I wasn’t expecting in my business. Sort out your income and expenditure so you know exactly how much you need to bring in and how much you can spend on advertising.

6. Focus on your strengths. List everything you enjoy doing and everything you don’t. This will help you decide what to outsource later on, even if you have to do it all yourself at first.

7. Find an accountability partner or hire a coach to keep you on track. Preferably both. It’s so easy to get distracted when you work for yourself, and let things drift along instead of driving toward your goals. Invest your time and money in things that will move you forwards, and you’ll get a much greater ROI in the long run.

8. Talk to other people who are already doing what you want to do. Research them and how they run their business. Feel free to do things differently if it feels right for you. Most people are really happy to talk about their business and you might even find a mentor or two who will help accelerate your business by avoiding the mistakes they made.

9. Focus on money making activities. When you’ve got clients and a clear service that works for you, then you can start looking at branding, logos, website etc. Until then it’s just a distraction and won’t bring money in.

I hope you find this list helpful. I’d love to hear which of these tips have been most useful, or which you will be putting into action in your business.

To me, number 1 is the most important of all. Until you’ve got complete clarity on what you offer and who you’re offering it to, everything else will take you in circles and frustrate you.

This is what I really enjoy helping people with, so if you’re stuck at this stage and want to find clarity quickly, get in touch with me and I’ll help you move forward.

This is such an exciting stage, I wish you all the success in the world!