When I went to Nepal on my own, back in 2003, I was looking for adventure. I’d heard about this mystical place called Kathmandu, where people went and had spiritual awakenings in mountain temples with orange robed monks, and I guess I wanted something along those lines.

I wanted to find myself.

What I found was a beautiful country.

Gorgeous, friendly people with big hearts and smiles to match.

Stunning scenery, incredible wildlife, deep canyons, towering icy mountain peaks.

I stroked baby crocodiles and elephants, trekked the Himalayas, saw black rhinos in the wild, narrowly avoided being drowned in white water rapids…

I had adventures galore.

But I didn’t find myself.

What I discovered was how much I missed my family.

How lonely I felt being so far from home, in a strange culture where so few people spoke my language, and I only had a basic grasp of theirs.

I felt homesick.

Especially while I was living in the home of a Nepali family – my adopted Nepali family – and being welcomed so generously into their community.

Seeing so much love, and typical sibling squabbles, reminded me of what I had left. I missed my own sibling squabbles!

And, as you can probably guess, I didn’t need to travel 5,000 miles to find myself.

I was exactly the same person in Nepal as I’d always been.

I was still Hazel.

Same person, same values, different country.

And I value my family above everything.

I know who I am, just as you know who you are.

No matter how far you travel in the world, you’ll still be the same person at the core.

When you travel inwards, however, and start to look at your deep beliefs, values and self-image… that’s where you can make the real discoveries.

That’s where the true adventure lies.

Look into yourself.



Talk to yourself if you have to!

Discover what’s important to you, and what your true self wants you to know.

When you know who YOU are, at the core, you unlock your real power.

You can make decisions from a place of knowledge, certainty and trust.

You can look in the mirror and see your true self smiling back.

You can tell people exactly what you think – if you choose to – and set confident boundaries.

You can live your purpose during this lifetime, and create your legacy for future generations to remember you by.

You can finally feel fulfilled.

Doesn’t that sound worth doing?

If so,and you’d like a place to start, let’s talk.

You don’t need to travel thousands of miles,or spend thousands of pounds to find yourself. You can start right now.

You already know who you are.

You might just need help to remember.

You are Amazing.