“Hypnotherapy is the induction of the state of hypnosis, for the beneficial purpose of helping the client change a habit, fear or behaviour which is causing problems in their life.”

Hypnosis is simply a deep state of relaxation during which suggestions can be made which create positive changes in your beliefs or behaviour.

Your subconscious mind controls all the involuntary functions of your body, including your habits and things that you do ‘automatically’ – it is fuelled by your emotions and imagination and directs the energy from within.  The subconscious mind also stores memories of everything that has ever occurred to you.

In hypnosis, your conscious mind is deeply relaxed, allowing me to speak directly to your subconscious mind. This is receptive to new ideas, and open to the suggestions I will make which encourage more sensible, balanced or helpful beliefs and habits to form.

In this way, the symptoms associated with stress or anxiety can be helped; in such cases it is not a substitute for medical treatment, but a very useful supplement to it. Your body and mind are linked, and this holistic technique allows the whole person to benefit.

The number of sessions required usually varies from person to person, however most people feel some benefit from hypnotherapy immediately. This benefit often increases and deepens with each further session.

Recordings can be provided for you to listen to at home, and you will be advised on how and when to use them.