Testimonials from some of my International Coaching and Copywriting clients:

“Hazel is an amazing professional, she makes me feel comfortable to tell her about my issues, and she guided me to look inside myself and inside my business, to figure it out things that completely made the difference for me I just wasn’t able to see it before.”

~ Flávia W., Porto, Portugal ~

When I decided to start looking for hypnotherapist to help me give up smoking, Hazel Hardie was highly recommended . We had very pleasant meeting where she explained how it all works, her calm nature and presence reassured me that hypnotherapy is definitely something I wanted to try. I tried before many times to give up smoking but it never seemed to work. On the day of the session I was very nervous and in doubt, but I am pleased to say I truly enjoyed the meditation process. I can swear I was able to feel “lavender and vanilla ” smell at the time (my favourite -and she does not know that).

I was smoker for almost 18 years and I am happy to say it has been 2 weeks since i have smoked. She is born for this, her soothing voice is remarkable. I would highly recommend her to all who haven’t found a way to stop smoking yet.

~ Marijana P., Lancaster, UK ~


“In an supportive and caring manner, Hazel provided me with a set of practical tools which helped me break down the barriers that were holding me back. In doing so, she has helped me take my business and personal life to the next level. For this I will be forever grateful.”

~ Dr Joseph P. , New York ~


“I feel I’ve made a lot of progress in the last 90 days! Not only is business going well, but I’ve learned how to get more “business-minded.” I’ve learned about different “frogs” in my life and learned how to “eat the frog” to get on with things… Thank you, Hazel, for offering me and the others practical, well-balanced guidance in an engaging environment. You’ve helped me tremendously, right when I needed you the most!”

~ Stephanie H. ,  San Diego ~


“I can fully vouch for Hazel’s high-end skills in copywriting. She worked with me to provide a large event staff company with numerous pages of snappy, conversational copy.  She was diligent, a great writer, a superb spotter of typos/errors and always provided work before deadlines, which was a rarity in our industry!”

~ Tom A. ,  Staffordshire ~


“Thank you so much for everything.
You are amazing person to work with.
You give me clear solution which I can understand easily.
I feel much better. More clear of my path.
Will update you with my process after a few days  thanks again.”

~ Helene L. , Malaysia ~


“Amazing!! I highly highly recommend you do this. Hazel is fabulous and helped me to hear a voice that has been there for as long as I remember and it is NOT me and it does not serve me and it undermines my dreams. Once I could really hear it, I became conscious of it, could name it and decide what I really believe. I do not believe that voice anymore and I cannot tell you how liberating it is !!! Thank you Hazel! I am extremely grateful !!! Thank you!! If you can feel something holding you back I highly recommend booking a call. If you are open, amazing things are possible!!!”

~ Maureen T., Brazil ~


“Hazel has this amazing ability to sum up one’s persona in a few words. I was impressed and amazed at the bio she wrote for me after just speaking once on a phone call. She has a real gift for words – Balancing style, humor, and professionalism.”

~ Scott S, Israel ~