Relax, Recharge & Reset

Meditation and Relaxation Weekend

Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd September, 2019

This is your time…

Ever feel like you’re on a treadmill and wonder what the true meaning of your life is?

Join us for this relaxing, deeply transformational and enjoyable weekend getaway in the English Lake District and find out!

  • Do you feel like you’re constantly playing catch-up?
  • Are you going through a time of deep change in your life, or stepping into a new chapter?
  • Do you dream of hitting pause, so you can take the time to reset and fully connect with yourself?

Are you ready to step into your true purpose and start living the life YOU desire?

This Meditation and Relaxation Weekend is made for you. And here’s why…

Imagine waking up in the most comfortable bed, feeling fully rested and refreshed after a relaxing night’s sleep.

Feel your muscles relax as you sink into Savasana, stretching out elegantly and letting go of all the tension that has built up in your tendons over the past few months.

Inhale the fresh autumn breeze as you step out onto your balcony and take in the stunning views over Lake Windermere.

Envision the deep conversations you’ll have with new friends over dinner, as you relax in the hotel’s fine dining restaurant.

Picture the smile spreading across your face as you allow yourself to finally let go of the blocks that have been holding you back in life, and recognise the power and freedom in expressing your unique soul purpose.

And finally, imagine the spontaneous laughter and lightness you share with the other incredible, compassionate, creative and purposeful women who’ve joined you on this memorable adventure.

Just in case you’re wondering where you are…

This is the Relax, Recharge and Reset weekend, and you’re rejuvenating your body and mind in style at the elegant Briery Wood country house hotel. You might be chilling in your pyjamas in your en-suite bedroom, getting ready for the morning’s wake-up meditation session, or taking a peaceful stroll along the shores of Lake Windermere, or enjoying another of the weekend’s delights.

But no matter which activity you’re doing right now, one thing is for certain: you’re really enjoying every moment, and you’re feeling fully connected to your true self and alive for the first time in a long time.

Sound good so far? Then you’ll love this next bit…

While we will be relaxing and enjoying the views of the picturesque Lake District, we will also be enjoying a deeply memorable experience.

This weekend has been carefully designed to fully maximise your connection to and celebration of your true self, and your purpose for being on this planet.
During your stay, you will release old stories, and let go of the blocks that are keeping you feeling stuck. We will set powerful intentions and rewrite your subconscious beliefs, creating new positive thought patterns in your mind.

Your deepest heartfelt desires will come to the surface, and you’ll be fully supported as you step into a new, more fulfilling way of being, which you’ll be able to sustain after the weekend is over.


The most important thing you will take away from this weekend getaway is a new-found sense of self and happiness!

The Venue

The Lake District is renowned for its healing landscapes and breath-taking fells, inspiring writers such as William Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter for centuries. A world away from bustling cities, a space to escape your endless meetings, deadlines, emails, phone calls and other ephemera of modern life.

We will be spending two nights and two days surrounded by the peace and tranquility of this sacred place.

The Briery Wood Country House Hotel has been specifically chosen to provide you with the luxury and elegance you deserve. In this space, you can truly forget about the daily grind, and step into a more relaxed and confident version of you.

Your room will be en-suite, charming and contemporary; you can choose to share a twin room with another participant or pay a small supplement for a single room if you prefer.

You have the freedom to decide how to spend the adequate free time you have during this weekend. You can relax in your room or join others in the hotel’s gorgeous lounge, or even book a private massage if you choose. It’s all about you and your desires.

This hotel will be your home away from home for this entire weekend, and the friendships you make here will last a lifetime.

The Food

The restaurant at Briery Wood Hotel is renowned for combining contemporary and classic flavours in a fine dining menu. All dietary requirements can be catered for, and a full menu will be provided in advance of the event.

All meals will be provided on site, in the hotel’s spacious and elegant dining room. There’s also the option of dining al fresco on the garden terrace, depending on the weather.

 The Rejuvenation

Each day, we will start with a relaxing group meditation session before breakfast. This will focus your mind, and put you in a great mood for the rest of the day.  

Later in the morning, you will waken your body in a rejuvenating yoga session. Blue Lotus Yoga specialises in providing yoga which is tailored at your own specific needs, in a supportive and non-judgmental way.

You’ll be taught to listen to your own body and move in a way that feels right for you. If you’re not particularly flexible, or you haven’t laid on a yoga mat in a while, don’t worry – you’ll still have a fabulous experience and you might even discover an unexpected love of yoga!

There will also be free time scheduled throughout the weekend, during which you can relax and read a book in the hotel’s attractive grounds, sit and allow the transformation to integrate, or book a massage to truly indulge your senses and pamper yourself.

The Transformation

The overarching theme of this weekend will be “Sankalpa”, which is a heartfelt intention, or vow, to focus both psychologically and philosophically on a chosen goal. Together we will look at what this means, and help you to create a powerful Sankalpa which leads to your true purpose in life. This will be supported through each meditation and yoga session, and the group workshop on Saturday afternoon.

By the end of the weekend, you will have set a clear intention which you can take forwards into your life, and you will have a deeper understanding of yourself.

Your stress levels will be reduced, and you’ll feel more in control of your own future.


So what else will you gain by spending two nights and two days at the Relax, Recharge and Reset Meditation and Relaxation Weekend?

You’ll be given the opportunity and tools you need to relax your mind and body fully, let go of stress and get the space to think clearly about what you want your life to look like.

You’ll also have the chance to recharge your batteries, in the surroundings of the beautiful and rejuvenating Lakeland fells and lakes. There’s a good reason we’re holding this weekend in this location, rather than in a busy city!

You’ll reset your focus. If you have a million things on your to-do list, and feel like you’re drowning in a sea of other people’s demands and expectations, this will be your perfect opportunity to take control of your life. With the support of us and your fellow attendees, you’ll set a clear goal to make positive changes, and you’ll develop a practice that will make these changes happen.

What would it mean to you to be able to fully switch off and relax? How would it feel to be able to go back home after a refreshing weekend away, knowing you have the ability and support to stay calm, relaxed and focused, no matter what?

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Of course it would. And there’s even more…

The End (and the Beginning)

On our last day together, we’ll reflect on our experiences over a relaxed and healthy breakfast. We will have another session together, feeling relaxed and connected in our beautiful surroundings, before checking out of the hotel and heading off back to our own lives. You will leave feeling uplifted, energised and spiritually recharged.

You are welcome to extend your relaxing holiday by staying at the hotel, or exploring more of the beautiful Lake District while you are here. Why not explore the quaint Lakeland villages around Windermere, or head west into the more rugged hills and landscape of the western Lake District?

After the weekend is over, you will be given a personalised guided meditation to listen to which will help you deepen your connection to yourself and remember your Sankalpa as you return to your regular life.

Bonus Gifts for You

In addition to the obvious improvements in your physical and emotional being during this weekend, you’ll also be given extra support through two complimentary 30 minute sessions after the weekend is over, when you’ve had time to get back to your normal life and assimilate the upgrades you’ve made during the weekend.

Plus, all attendees will receive a bonus goodie bag packed with secret gifts!

What’s included:

Two nights’ luxury bed and breakfast
Three course evening meals on Friday and Saturday
 Goodie bag of treats
All yoga sessions and meditation sessions
Workshops and other activities
Group support and lifelong friendships
Two 30 minute follow up sessions after the weekend, for ongoing accountability and support
Unique downloadable guided meditation to include in your daily practice
 A deep feeling of self-worth and purpose – priceless!

What’s not included:

Alcoholic drinks (you are free to buy your own if you wish)
Transport costs to and from the venue
Personal travel or medical insurance (you are advised to arrange your own travel insurance)
 Private 1:1 coaching sessions with Hazel or yoga sessions with Norm. These can be arranged during or prior to the holiday.
Further nights in the Briery Wood Hotel. You are welcome to continue your holiday by booking directly with the hotel.
Additional meals and snacks not listed above
Other items such as room service, souvenir shopping, laundry, tips and gratuities.


Arrival Time and Directions

Briery Wood Hotel in the Lake District can be easily reached by road, rail or air. Full details and arrival information will be provided to you on booking.

Your Weekend Hosts

Hazel Hardie

Hello! I’m Hazel, a mindset coach and hypnotherapist based in Lancaster. I have several years’ experience of private and group coaching, with certifications in life coaching, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy. I love helping people get rid of the blocks that keep them feeling stuck.

I’m a multipassionate entrepreneur with two children and a PhD in Physics, who specialises in helping people reduce overwhelm, procrastination and imposter syndrome. I’m excited to be your host and coach for this weekend, as I know how important it is to take time away from your busy life and focus on what’s really important to you. If more people did this, we’d have fewer mental health issues and less stress in our society, and much happier people!

Norm Tresadern

 I’m Norm, and I’ve been teaching yoga for over 26 years. My yoga school is named Blue Lotus Yoga, in honour of Swami Neel Kamal Saraswati (Neel Kamal is Sanskrit for Blue Lotus). The blue lotus is a sacred flower which represents the heightened awareness and tranquility that yoga brings.

Qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga and the Mandala Yoga Ashram. Trained with the Yoga Biomedical Trust (Yoga Therapy) and CHEK Europe. Ongoing Continuing Professional Development with various practitioners and in various styles. My own style is an amalgam of the various styles I have experienced, and I like to work in a way that puts your needs and experience first. I adapt postures to suit each individual so that everyone receives the benefit of the work, at whatever level they are practicing. 

Prices and Cancellation Policy

Your investment for this weekend, including all food, activities and accommodation, is just £650.

A non-refundable deposit of £100 is payable on booking, with the remainder due by August 31st 2019.

Three VIP places are available for £850 per person, which include everything listed above plus a private 1:1 session during the weekend, and four 60 minute coaching sessions with Hazel leading up to the weekend.

All payments are non-refundable. You are recommended to arrange your own travel insurance to cover cancellations.

Local to the Lake District, or prefer to arrange your own accommodation?

While you are encouraged to stay at our chosen hotel, you are of course free to make your own choice. The option is available for you to indulge in all the retreat experiences, with the freedom to stay at home or at a different location. Simply speak to us if you wish to arrange this. 

Bring a friend and save £200!

Invite a friend to join you, and get two tickets for £450 each. Limited spaces available.


Are You Ready to Relax, Recharge and Reset?


£100 Deposit

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