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Are you spending way too many hours locked in your office, working non-stop at your laptop & getting overwhelmed, without getting the results you want?


Do you feel like you spend more time working & less time actually living the wonderful life you dreamed of?   You don’t have to work yourself to the bone just to be successful.

It’s Time To Stop Overworking And Start …   Getting Productive!

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Meet Your Optimum Productivity Coach

Hazel Hardie, PhD is a Transformational Productivity Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner with a passion for helping creative, ambitious and often overwhelmed entrepreneurs become more productive and fulfilled.

Hazel uses NLP, mindfulness and other coaching techniques to reduce stress and increase clarity in business owners and employees.

Since leaving her 9-5 job in 2017, to spend more time with her children and make a bigger impact in the world, Hazel has helped many people realise their goals and find the freedom lifestyle and business they were searching for.

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  • Beat Procrastination
  • Increase Your Focus
  • Gain Fabulous Confidence
  • More Fulfillment
  • Enjoy Your Life & Business


What I Can Do For You

I am an expert at getting to the root cause of whatever’s holding you back, and I can help you shift your beliefs from “I can’t do that” to “just watch me!” 

My NLP training enables me to work with your subconscious mind to create ease, flow and joy in your life and business. After a few sessions with me, you will notice more money, better relationships and more self-belief appearing effortlessly in your life.

As your personal productivity coach, I’m here to help you get more out of your life, and learn how to use your time in a rewarding and fulfilling way. Work with me to become more confident, action-taking and wealthy.

Optimum Productivity coaching

Whether you’re just starting your business or hitting 7 figures, I can help you get more productive.

Procrastination Extermination

Discover exactly why you keep putting things off, and eliminate the issue at the root cause.

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Words From Hazel


Take Control of your Life

You only get one life, and you’re living it right now. Wouldn’t it be better to spend it doing the things you love, and being with the people who lift you up?

By getting more productive and working on your mindset, you’ll be able to spend more time being happy, making more money and having once-in-a-lifetime experiences more often!

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