When it comes to running an online business, especially one where you’re a personal brand, there are 3 C words you need to remember to be as successful as Kylie Jenner (whoever that is!).

Over the next few days I’m going to tell you in more detail about why each of these are important and what you can do to improve them. Today I’ll let you know what they are and what they mean in terms of your personal success.

The first C Word is Clarity.

Clarity comes first for a reason.

Without clarity, how will you know what to sell or who to sell it to?

Without clarity, how will you know how many products or services you have to sell to make a profit?

And without clarity, how will you even know where you’re heading?

When you have clarity in yourself, your goals and your target market, you’re already ahead of 80% of the other businesses out there. Most solopreneurs don’t have a clear business plan, and a lack of clarity is one of the leading causes of businesses going bust.

If you’re not clear on what you stand for, people won’t buy from you and you won’t make a profit.

In terms of mindset, clarity is super important because until you’re clear on what you believe, you might end up sabotaging yourself, or working with completely the wrong clients.

The second C is Confidence.

People buy from people.

The most confident sales person in the world with a mediocre product will outsell a sales person with low confidence and a great product every single time. Hands down.

When you’re showing up online, or even in person, you need to portray as much confidence as possible, if you want people to buy from you. If you don’t currently have confidence in yourself or your products, then get some!

There are many ways to increase your confidence, and even the most shy person can learn to stand up on a Facebook live and sell their services, with the right training.

When you believe fully in yourself, your ability to sell and the results you an get for your customers, you’ll exude more confidence and more people will buy!

The third and final C is Consistency.

This is the C that has always been the hardest for me to conquer.

Like many multi-passionate business owners, I like to start new things, and I used to switch paths every couple of months, if not sooner. This would obviously get really confusing for my clients. If your products and services are constantly changing, then it’s hard for people to remember what you do.

It was only when I realised just how important consistency is, from reading James Altucher’s books, that I really started to change my ways.

I recently heard that the fastest way to become a millionaire is to solve one problem for one (type of) person, with one product, over and over again for one year.

This makes sense, but the inner rebel in me thinks this also sounds really boring and restrictive. So I’ve come up with a ladder of services to help one type of person get progressively more confident, boombastic and financially successful, from free masterclasses and videos all the way up to a year long Mastermind.  It might not make me a millionaire (yet), but I’m excited to focus on one particular group of clients, instead of constantly switching.


Clarity + Confidence + Consistency = YOUR MAGIC SUCCESS FORMULA! 

I’d love to hear your biggest takeaway from this post. You can comment below or message me any time. I always love getting your messages (especially the nice ones!).

Until tomorrow,

You are Amazing.