We’re all waiting for One Day.

One day I’ll have the confidence and courage to follow my dreams.

One day I’ll be comfortable with the way I look.

One day I’ll write the book/start the blog/quit the job…


But one day never comes, does it?

Today is yesterday’s “One Day”, and are you doing the things you were waiting to do?


So what will change in the future?

We can’t change the past.

And we can’t change the future.

The only thing we can change, as cliched as it sounds, is the NOW.

We can change how we act, what we do and hoe we show up NOW.

We can start doing the things we’ve been waiting to do, feeling the way we’ve always known we could, and showing up as our true selves NOW.

Yes, it takes courage, and commitment and confidence.

But those things don’t come along on their own.

They come as a result of taking action.

Real, positive, scary action NOW.

What actions can you take today, to stop waiting?

This is your actual life, right now.

Yes, you’ve already done a lot of amazing stuff with it. Yes, you have wonderful memories and you’ve created things you’re proud of. But what about the rest? Are you prepared to die with all of it still locked up inside you? All your skills untapped? Your stories unwritten?

I thought not.

Let’s drop the excuses, and the guilt and the finger pointing.

None of that matters.

Let’s start taking action NOW and create the legacy we were born to create.

Let me know in the comments what actions you’ll take TODAY.

Not One Day; TO-Day.

You are amazing.