Imagine if you knew exactly what was holding you back, but to get past it you’d have to go through some pain and struggle for a while.

Would you do it?

You were born for a reason.

You weren’t born to settle for less than you desire.

You weren’t born to give up your life as a slave to others.

You were born for THAT reason, the one you know in your soul.

You were born to do the work you came here to do, and everything else is extraneous.

So, how much of your time are you spending doing your work?

What are you putting off?

What needs to come out of you, and only you?

What if you got out of your own way, and decided it could be easy to do the work?

That’s all it is… a decision.

A daily, hourly or minutely decision.

To do the work.

To get over your stories.

To get into your zone of genius.

To drop anything that doesn’t feel right for you.

To put the work, and let it happen.

What’s holding you back?

None of it matters.

There are no valid excuses for not doing the work.

Only emotions that try to get in your way.

Emotions that try to keep you safe,

But that actually cause you to waste

Your entire life, if you let them.

You control your emotions.

You decide.

So when will you do your work?

When you’re ready to take the next step towards deciding, and getting your work done, I’m here to support you.

You are amazing.