Have a problem? Write about it. Don’t know what to do with your life? Write about something. Write about your day, about your family, or about your innermost dreams and desires. Write a story, write an article, write a list of ideas you can think of to make your life better. Write a love letter, or a thank you letter. Everyone loves mail. Write a letter to a magazine or newspaper. And send it. Or don’t. Write for yourself, write for others. Write for money or for pleasure. Don’t moan about it. Write about it. Writer’s block? Write through it. Write the alphabet, then write the lyrics to your favourite song. Write a list of places you’d like to visit, or about your favourite childhood memory. Write happy thoughts, write sad thoughts. Simply write and everything will work out well. Your fingers know more than you think they do. Let them express your inner feelings. Let them write. Write yourself happy. Then write to me and let me know how it goes. Have fun writing!